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Austin, Texas

With nearly a million people, Austin, Texas has a good mix of what people love most about big cities and smaller communities. At about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Fort Hood, Austin is often the weekend destination for single soldiers and military families. Single soldiers enjoy the club and restaurant scene at 6th Street. Families enjoy the shopping and activities at the rivers, lakes, natural springs and state parks.

Austin is a major technology center with top employers such as Dell, 3M, Apple, HP, Google, Facebook, Ebay, etc. As the capital of Texas, Austin is also a major government center with many State and Federal Government agencies being based here. Austin is a younger city than most with the majority of the population being under 45 years of age. The youthfulness of Austin is further enhanced by the University of Texas and Austin Community College.

Austin has greatly benefited from the Great Texas Housing Boom, with home prices having increased over 10% in 2015 alone. There simply is not enough housing to meet demand. Additionally, as more and more people move to the Sun Belt and particularly to major cities in the Sun Belt, demand is not expected to ebb any time soon.

Austin Map & Offices

City Services Operator:

Inside Austin, use 3-1-1

Outside Austin, use 512.974.2000

Public Water Utility

Electricity Companies


910,833 Austin Population
322.51 Austin Sq. Miles
2,020,452 Metro Area Population
4,285.70 Metro Area Sq. Miles
$63,603 Median Household Income
$78,927 Median Family Income
25-44 Year Olds
32.8% of the population
Under 24 Year Olds
34.4% of the population

Schools, Tranport & Hospitals

Emergency Services

Entertainment and Events